Sunday, January 31, 2010

my bloody mary

 bloody mary 
was created at harry's new york bar in paris, france in the 20", 
when vodka was first brought in from russia. 
the yummy drink was brought to the usa in the 1930s.
to serve 4
i use ketel one vodka 11/4 cups
great with tequila as well
 most organic ingredients if possible
fresh celery 4 sticks
very veggie or tomato organic juice 3 3/4 cups
4-8 dashes tabasco
4 dashes worcestershire sauce
touch of dill
spoon of capers
touch of cayenne pepper
fresh paste or graded organic fresh horseradish
spoon of mustard (learned from the ear inn in new york city irish bartender)
ice cubes
juice 1 lemon 1 lime

Jarden 00518 1 Pint Wide Mouth Canning Jars
measure vodka into pitcher 
add a lot of ice cubes 
stir for  a minute 
pour juice veggies or organic tomatoes
add lime and lemon juice

stir well

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