Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday avocado

alys fowler is so cool I love her style
she makes growing food fun
she is such an inspiration
more on utube here

“I believe that if you just start out with one pot on the doorstep, then it counts. If you grow your own chilli rather than buy it where it would have been flown in or if you use fresh mint for tea and spend just a couple of months not buying tea then these are significant little gestures. alys fowler
her book is wonderful filled with beautiful photos and tips buy via
the urban field is a cool blog about all sorts of news.

The sprouting kiwi's around the ramada
alice waters is also an amazing woman growing organic food and helping the community.
she created the edible schoolyard foundation 
alice owns a wonderful restaurant 
great cook books too chez panisse

and in brooklyn food on roof....Eagle Street Rooftop Farms via

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