Thursday, September 2, 2010

Linda Topic Descamps Christiane Hoegner Design Pillows I Love Belgium LazyLinda Topic Antonin Bachet Descamps linnen Design Competition I Love Belgium
Just graduated La Cambre student Linda Topic moves the laziness towards the bedroom. Her “Le Lit” design (literally translated as The Bed) is a result of a design competition. World-renowned luxury French linen brand Descamps celebrated their 150 years anniversary with a design competition. Collaboration with artist Antonin Bachet resulted into this dreamy bed. The standard wooden bed frame is transformed into 6 layers of pure softness. The palette of grey colours are inspired on the the beauty of the Belgian sky. Just one more thing the I Love Belgium team adores!
Christiane Hoegner’s cushionized sofa uses the smallest element of the sofa as main component. When it’s usually used to adjust and customize your personal comfort/laziness level, it is now multiplies and piled up to the shape of the sofa. Dealing with our everyday life and the search for the lo-fi sensations in the necessity of a high-tech world. A piece well succeeded! Maybe you’ll want to add a loose pillow to cover your eyes (Scary movies, you know).

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Mandy said...

I love that bed and I featured that sofa a few wees ago in my Friday Favorites, how great is it, I just adore it !!!