Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Michelle Lamy and Rick Owens

Michel Lamy

“Who said that when you do your nails, they have to be just the size of the nails. I always do it long. It’s like the Japanese henna. It’s a little strange of course. People don’t usually ask why I do this. Perhaps they think its a disease.”
Turns out, it’s a matte, black Japanese vegetable dye used to cover grey hair.
And the line down her forehead?
She draws it on with an eye pencil every day to keep her grounded.

Do you even bother reading fashion magazines? 
Not really. I can't enjoy them anymore. I feel over-saturated with fashion. Interior mags are much more soothing. I just got the latest issue of World of Interiors. They go everywhere, but not like Architectural Digest going to castles. They cover the weird stuff, like huts and anything that's interesting. I like interior magazines because they're like clothes, but bigger. It's like putting on an environment. There's nothing aggressive or ostentatious about them. 
Tell me about your house. 
I just bought it, but Michelle found it. It's such a coup. It's in this square in the 7th, Place du Palaise Bourbon, a block away from Place Concorde and across from the American Vogue offices. It was for rent for a long time, but we just kind of forced them to sell it to us. It's five floors. We do sales in the showroom on the first floor, my office is on the second, the studio is on the third, and we live on the fourth and fifth. It's so private and quiet, and we have a terrace that overlooks the gardens of the Ministry of Defense. It's probably a little big. I could have done with something a little more modest, but it's so fulfilling to see the look on all those Frenchies' faces when they hear where I live. They don't think I could possibly deserve it.via 
At Home with Rick OwensAt Home with Rick OwensAt Home with Rick OwensAt Home with Rick Owens

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