Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Derek Dix

Animalia Canadiana was conceived as an acknowledgement of man's conquest of the outdoors, and his attempt to understand nature's wonder.
Science and technology have brought us close to nature's duplication through the hand of man, but at the same time the natural beauty and wonder is lost within the process.
Each landscape is fictional and pieced together as a digital collage using between 8 to 30 original photographs taken in various landscapes.
Elements within the environment are annotated to acknowledge the understanding of the landscape.
The wood for the frames is chosen based on common timber within the animals habitat. For the black bear, red cedar is used. For the elk; sitka spruce, the bighorn sheep utilises poplar and the moose with fir. The frames are available with either a raw, or black waxed finish.
Each piece within the series is editioned to 5, stretched and framed by myself. Completed sizes are approx. 27 x 52''.

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