Tuesday, July 20, 2010

romy schneider

Une séquence amusante du documentaire : les interminables essayages de costumesenfer-grey.jpg image by spoilmyselfRomy Schneider entre en enfer !Un regard scintillant !
Director Henri-Georges Clouzot couldn't finish this movie. First main actor Serge Reggiani suffered from illness and Jean-Louis Trintignant got the role (also left in 5 days without making a single screen test), but then Clouzot had a heart attack. The project was stopped. In 1992 Clouzot's widow sold the script to Claude Chabrol who made the movie as Hell (1994). In 2005, Clouzot's widow disclosed the original raw footage publicly, which led to the reconstruction of this unfinished great movie and telling of the story of its making in a "film about film" Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno (2009). via

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