Friday, August 20, 2010

earth architecture handmade school bangladesh

this school is so beautiful and hand made.
what an amazing project....imagine those kids going to school in this colorful, sunny, natural and organic environment!!! makes me happy! more via

hand-built in four months by architects, local craftsmen, pupils, parents and teachers, 
this primary school in rudrapur, a village in north west bangladesh, uses traditional 
methods and materials of construction but adapts them in new ways. the architects, 
anna aeringer from austria and eike roswag from germany, made every effort to engage 
the skills of local craftsmen, helping them refine processes and learn new techniques 
that they could then use to improve the general standard of rural housing.

the philosophy of METI (modern education and training institute) is learning with joy.
the teachers help the children to develop their own potential and use it in a creative 
and responsible way. the building reflects these ideas through its materials, techniques 
and architectural design.

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