Thursday, August 12, 2010

Italian fashion house MISSONI hired KENNETH ANGER to create a video promoting their fall collection. The film captures 11 members of the MISSONI family in a typically surreal, psychedelic atmosphere that anyone familiar with the work ofANGER would be accustomed to.
KENNETH ANGER has been making films since 1947 (he was born in 1927!), and is internationally recognized as an influential force in avant-garde cinema. His films function as radical critiques of Hollywood film, often evoking pop culture icons within occult settings and depicting youth counterculture engaged in scenes of violence and eroticism. Through his work, Anger explores themes of ritualistic transformation, utilizing heightened sensuality as well as exaggerated colors and imagery. Numerous films that he has written and directed over the years have gone from underground to cult status. In his rich oeuvre, images function not only as symbols, visual icons, or indices, but also as affective strobes meant to amaze and hypnotize the viewer.
KENNETH ANGER was recently the subject of a retrospective at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (2009).

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